Hi, I'm Greta.
I am wife to Aaron, artist extraordinaire, best friend for 23 years and husband for 19.
Aaron makes me laugh, he encourages me, and he does everything in his power to make my dreams come true. 
He takes care of the whole lot of us, and I am forever grateful.
Our married life has not been all bliss. But we have fought hard for our marriage, because marriage is worth fighting for.
I love him.
A lot.

I am also mom to 4 beautiful people.
James --13

Before my oldest was born, I was a high school English teacher and I loved it.
Since having him, I have been happily working as a full time mom and home school teacher.
I love it.

The kids and I spend our days together--all together--all the time. We read lots of good books, and we enjoy nature study tremendously. Hiking together is one of our favorite activities. I love taking my kids on adventures of all sorts. My dream is to offer my children a rich childhood. Not in things, but in their education, in experiences, and the the time I spend with them.

In the wee hours of the night I love to write.  After a few hours of sleep, I get up and work out, because exercise keeps me sane. I have a podcast with some of my friends. And I love to connecting with other women through my podcast, through my writing, and through speaking engagements. It is my hope to help my fellow mothers to see the beauty and worth in mothering, to choose joy in the hard spots, and to do small things with great love.